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Master Concrete


Asphalt is a black substance, often mixed with small stones or sand, that forms a strong hard surface when it dries. Asphalt creates a smooth, durable surface for driveways, roads and parking lots.

The benefits of asphalt are its dark color, this reduces glare, and helps melt snow and ice. Asphalt is also 100% recyclable.



Request a Repair

Please note we do have a One Year Warranty. If your repair falls within this time period there will be no charge. For those repairs that are over the One Year Warrantee a charge will be applicable.

If you could please provide us with the following information.

Was This Work Originally Done By Master Concrete?
Materials Used That Require Repair
Which Of The Following Best Describes The Location Of The Repair?
If This Repair Is In The Backyard, Do You Keep The Gate Locked? (just so we know if we need to call first)
Do You Know The Colour Used?
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