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Frequestly Asked Questions

  • When does your season start?
    We normally start in the month of April.
  • When does your season end?
    We tend to work until the end of November, weather permitting of course.
  • How late in the season can sealer be applied?
    This is a weather sensitive application. We continue to book work in Late October and Early November, however sometimes with the pressing weather conditions we can't apply sealer to those jobs due to the drop in temperature. If this situation arises we send out a letter to our clients notifying them we will be out in the spring to seal their concrete. Usually taking place in May after the rainy month of April.
  • When do you start doing estimates?
    We start doing estimates in March if the weather is warm and most of the snow has melted. This way we can get a greater understanding of what your property looks like. Click here to fill out a request a quote.
  • How long does an estimate take?
    An estimate generally takes about 30-45 min depending on the work involved. Our sales representative will provide you with a written quote for your records. It's recommended that you take the time to review our gallery to determine which material suits your project best. If any of the photos stand out, please print them or save them on your mobile device to show our salesman to help him create a better understanding of what you're looking for.
  • What is the difference between Pebble Concrete and Exposed Aggregate? and Stamped Concrete and Pattern Concrete
    Nothing, it's just a different name for the concrete. Some companies call it Pebble Concrete and others use the term Exposed Aggregate. The same applies to Stamped and Pattern Concrete.
  • I'm thinking of going with Stamped Concrete or Exposed Aggregate, how often will I need to seal the concrete?
    Both of those applications will require sealer once a year. This is a service we offer to our clients or sealer can also be purchased by the customer
  • If I decide to go with Master Concrete how long will the job take to complete?
    This all depends on the material involved and the size of the job. Exposed aggregate is roughly around 3-5 days. Stamped Concrete is around 5-7 days. A few factors are key in determining the completion date. Weather is a major contender and can hold us up. We try to factor this in when booking work and book in rain days every week. Stamped Concrete is a little more labour intensive as there are more steps involved and requires an extra day or twos work. After the concrete is cut its considered finished. Two coats of Sealer will then be applied 2-3 weeks later.
  • Do you have a warrantee?
    We provide our customers with a One Year Warrantee. If a problem should arise within the one year time frame we ask that you give the office a call 905-336-5333 and provide us with your name, address and work the year was completed. This way we can follow up and repair the area. Repairs over the one year warrantee period will be charged a fee to repair the area.
  • I had my work done by another company and it requires repair, would you repair it?
    I'm sorry but we only take on repairs that are required by our customers.
  • Do you have a show room?
    No I'm sorry we do not have a show room. Our sales representitive does carry colour charts for Exposed Aggregate and Stamped Concrete. If you are interested in Flagstone or Interlocking we would suggest going to Hamilton Builders Supply to view their outdoor supply of materials. Our sales representative will have a brochure for Interlocking available for your viewing purpose.
  • Do you offer financing?
    No I'm sorry we do not offer this service.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, cheque and all major credit cards.
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